Maple Global Optimization Toolbox

Maplesoft introduces the latest version of its Maple Global Optimization Toolbox which now features Optimus simulation and design optimization technology from Noesis Solutions.

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Maplesoft announces the release of the Maple Global Optimization Toolbox, designed in partnership with Noesis Solutions, for solving a wide variety of optimization problems in mathematics, engineering and the sciences. 

  • Utilizes Optimus platform from Noesis Solutions for simulation process integration and design optimization 
  • Provides powerful set of global solvers that find best possible solution to design problems so compromises do not need to be made
  • Features new solver methods and many more options that allow customers to guide the search for the solution based on their knowledge of the particular problem
  • Customers can select different methods for locating new points in the design space or control balance between computation speed and probability of success
  • Enables users to reach solutions faster and solve more problems 
  • Allows development of full solutions that include computations, documentation, visualizations, interactive applications, and more
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