Bosch Rexroth RS20 Flow Sharing Valves

The RS20 platform, introduced at bauma 2019, is made up of freely combinable functional sections.

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Bosch Rexroth presents the RS20 platform of modular flow sharing valves (LUDV).

  • Maximum flow of 300 l/min (79.3 gpm) per section
  • Achieves lower pressure loss compared to mono block M7 20 and M6 22 predecessors
  • Flexible sandwich plate design allows any combination of small and large valve sections
  • Sandwich plate design offers even better pressure resistance compared to mono block predecessors     
  • Specific flow can be provided for each actuator in mobile machines
  • Manufacturers can match sections to ensure their requirements are optimally met
  • Can be used for 13-17 t mobile and tracked excavators as well as 20-50 t wheeled loaders and bulldozers
  • Number and arrangement of functional slices, even those of different sizes and with different control technology, make it possible to control various applications flexibly at all times 
  • Functions which previously had to be installed separately can now be integrated into main control valve
  • These include stabilization module, bypass priority module or anti-drift valve
  • Pump and return channels pass through entire manifold without diversions or constrictions
  • Sealing surfaces between individual sections are designed to prevent leakage from the inside to the outside
  • Future-proof design allows integration of functions which go along with future market requirements
  • Electronified components such as Rexroth’s A10VOH variable displacement pump can be integrated at any configuration level
  • Well suited for gradually integrating functions which are to be controlled electro-hydraulically now or in the future
  • Combinations with existing RS15 platform are also possible 
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