EHR23 Hydraulic Valve

The EHR23 valve was designed by Bosch Rexroth for double-acting electro-hydraulic hitch control on mid-range tractors.

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Bosch Rexroth has extended the EHR23 hydraulic valve family for use on standard mid-range tractors for double-acting electro-hydraulic hitch control.

  • Hitch gear raises attached implement if it digs too deep or hits an obstacle, but also presses it actively into soil to achieve a constant working depth
  • Combines electronics, pilot control valve, sensors and software to produce a closed control loop which maintains preset working depth automatically
  • Can be used on mid-range tractors from 120 to 230 hp
  • Controls flow of up to 100 L/min
  • Compact design allows installation in confined design envelopes
  • Electro-hydraulic pilot control enhances stability and smoothes out hitch movements for improved tilling quality
  • Reduces slippage and significantly prevents drive wheels from losing traction, helping preserve soil and reduce risk of erosion
  • Helps enhance operator convenience by automatically finding control parameters and load-compensating the lowering of high loads
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