Top New Products of 2021

Several new component technologies for the heavy equipment industries are currently in contention for the annual Top New Products of the Year award.

Top Products 2021

*Editor's Note: This article was originally published May 18, and updated on September 23. 

Each year the Top New Products award winners provide insight into the components and engineering services or technologies our readers find most interesting. Winners also offer a look at some of the current trends in the heavy equipment industries, and what design teams are potentially most interested in as they develop their new machine designs. 

OEM Off-Highway compiles this list of top products based on page views over the past year. One winner from each of the six main categories we cover on our website: 

  • Engines
  • Drivetrains
  • Fluid Power
  • Electrical & Electronics,
  • Operator Cab
  • Engineering & Manufacturing

As we inch closer to the end of the year, we thought we would highlight those products currently in the running for the 2021 Top New Products award. The final list of winners will be published in our November/December as well as Year in Review issues. 

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Cummins High-Horsepower QSK95 Engine for Mining Applications

For its new QSK95 engine, Cummins chose to utilize a clean-sheet modular design which ensures easy servicing and average 15% better life to overhaul. The high-horsepower engine meets many of the requirements of heavy-duty mining applications. 

Features of the engine include: 

  • Produces up to 4,400 hp (3,281.1 kW)
  • Offers optimum power-to-weight ratio for 400T haul trucks
  • Provides 3,800 hp (2,833.7 kW) rating for increased fuel efficiency
  • Specially designed single-stage turbocharging ensures power at high altitude

Learn more about the High-Horsepower QSK95 Engine

2021 Qsk95 Mining Cam05 Final 60d5d3735eecdCummins Inc.

Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR Engine

The Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR Engine is compact in size and features a high torque density which enables it to provide performance similar to that of engines with a larger displacement. Like the engine itself, its aftertreatment system is also compact in size and provides long average regeneration intervals which are done passively so as to reduce downtime for customers. 

Features of the engine include:

  • Suits use in variety of off-highway equipment applications
  • Tier 4 Final version features maximum torque of 500 Nm (368.8 lb.-ft.)
  • Stage V version provides maximum torque of 650 Nm (479.4 lb.-ft.)
  • Counter-rotating shafts contained in the bedplate architecture provide excellent reduction of vibrations, guaranteeing operator comfort and silent operation

Learn more about the KDI 3404TCR SCR Engine

Kohler KDI 3404TCR SCR EngineKohler KDI 3404TCR SCR EngineKohler

Yanmar 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT Industrial Diesel Engines

The Yanmar 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT diesel engines feature higher power density and a compact design to easily fit into machine designs. Lower fuel consumption and noise are also benefits Yanmar notes about these engines. Both engines are designed to meet EU Stage V and U.S. EPA/CARB Tier 4 emission regulations, as well.

Features of the engines include:

  • Vertical, water-cooled, 4-cylce design
  • Increased power output provided by new turbocharger matching design
  • 3TN86CHT model provides 20% more power output and 4TN86CHT 14% more power than TNV models of the same displacement with intercooled turbo 

Learn more about the 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT Diesel Engines

Yanmar Industrial Diesel EngineYanmar Industrial Diesel EngineYanmar

JCB Stage V 448 Engine

JCB's latest EU Stage V compliant engine, the 448, is available in four power nodes from 81-129 kW (108-173 hp). A simple and flexible aftertreatment system is utilized to ease integration for OEMs. 

“Driven by legislation, the market for innovative and customer focused solutions is constantly evolving and with the introduction of these latest additions to the JCB Power Systems range, we and our customers will remain at the forefront of developments," said Daniel Jackson, JCB Power Systems OEM Engine Sales and Applications Manager, in the company's press release announcing the new engine.

Features of the engine include: 

  • Peak torque outputs from 516-690 Nm (380.6-508.9 lb.-ft.)
  • Engineered to be as small as possible
  • Designed for off-highway applications in both static and mobile industrial equipment and generators

Learn more about the Stage V 448 Engine

JCB Stage V 448 EngineJCB Stage V 448 EngineJCB

Kubota D902-K Electronically Controlled Engine         

The Kubota D902-K is the company's first electronically controlled engine in a power range below 19 kW (25.5 hp). By offering this engine, Kubota says it will be able to better respond to various regional emissions standards around the world, including those in the U.S., Europe and China. 

Features of the engine include: 

  • Three-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 0.898 L
  • Power output of 18.5 kW (24.8 hp)
  • Matches current dimensions, structures and power takeoff of existing engine designs
  • Equipped with one-of-a-kind common rail system developed exclusively for small engines

Learn more about the D902-K Electronically Controlled Engine

D902 K Front 606e139630b29Kubota Engine America Corp.


ZF eTRAC Electric Drive System for Wheeled Excavators

Like many manufacturers, ZF foresees electrification increasing in the off-highway equipment market, and thus continues to develop components for use in these machines. Its eTRAC electric drive system for wheeled excavators provides a 100% electric solution for OEMs. It is modular in design and consists of a 2-speed powershift transmission, electric motor and inverter. 

According to the company, the system matches the performance and productivity of traditional drivelines. This helps to ensure OEMs and their customers will get the benefits of electrification while still being able to use machines as they always have. 

Features of the electric drive system include:

  • Compact installation space
  • Can be scaled up to peak torque 850 Nm (626.9 ft.-lb.) and continuous power of 80 kW (107.3 hp)
  • Modular design can easily be adapted for various vehicle applications like backhoe loaders, telehandler, forestry equipment, etc. as well

Learn more about the eTRAC Electric Drive System 

ZF eTRACZF eTRACZF Friedrichshafen AG

CARRARO FLS – eFLS 3.2 Transmissions

CARRARO’s FLS - eFLS 3.2 transmission is designed to meet the performance requirements of various heavy-duty equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders. It can be configured to fit various equipment types, and allows for varied mounting options to aid OEMs in their design process. 

Features of the transmissions include: 

  • Optimized driving performance achieved using relatively small size motors and powershift technology which shifts between two speed ranges
  • Versatility is combined with compact dimension, which facilitates installation in several vehicle layouts
  • Can be mounted separately from the axles or at the input of one of the axles, horizontally or vertically
  • Can be used in traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles with hydrostatic propel systems, as well as in electric hybrid (HEV) or full electric vehicles (EV) driven by electric motors

Learn more about the eFLS 3.2 Transmissions

E Fls 3 2 60b6672d7e2b2Carraro Group

Omni Powertrain Technologies Electric Drive

Omni Powertrain Technologies' electrified drive was developed for driven axle applications with commercial vehicles, terminal tractors and railcar movers. 

Features of the electric drive include: 

  • Gear ratios available with the F12L are 1:1, 2:1, 2.97:1 and 3.94:1
  • Gearbox is rated for maximum input torque of 1,200 Nm (885.07 ft.-lb.) and a maximum input speed of 7,500 rpm
  • M27D motor is a high voltage axial flux design capable of 192 kW (257.48 hp) continuous power at 600V and peak intermittent torque at 1,160 Nm (855.57 ft.-lb.)

Learn more about the Electric Drive

F12 L M27 D 609d458011542Omni Powertrain Technologies

Allison Transmission FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission

Allison Transmission has developed the FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission specifically for hydraulic fracturing equipment. The ground-up design of the transmission ensures it meets the specific needs of customers in this harsh application. 

Features of the transmission include: 

  • Meets unique and continually evolving demands of hydraulic fracturing industry
  • Rating of 3,300 hp (2,460.81 kW) and 10,000 lb.-ft. (13558.2 Nm) of input torque, and capable of up to 3,500 hp (2,609.95 kW) with no hardware modifications required
  • Delivers performance in high pressure duty cycles in harsh operating environments
  • Provides high reliability with a service life up to 25,000 hours

Learn more about the FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission

The Allison FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission.The Allison FracTran Hydraulic Fracturing Transmission.Allison Transmission

Dana Heavy-Duty Drivetrain for Rough-Terrain Cranes and Terminal Tractors                 

Dana's Spicer 246 heavy-duty steer axle and Spicer C3300 remote torque converter provide a complete drivetrain solution for rough-terrain cranes which the company says improve gradeability and travel speeds. In addition, they are designed to provide a higher level of efficiency while also reducing operating costs. 

The Spicer 246 steer axle features high integrity seals for improved performance in severe working conditions. The axle is adaptable to other applications, as well, extending its capabilities. The Spicer C3300 remote torque converter was developed specifically for rough-terrain cranes, and therefore features packaging and design optimized for this application's specific requirements. 

Features of the drivetrain system include:

  • For rough-terrain cranes with lift capacities from 83-110 tons (75-100 tonnes) and terminal tractors 
  • Improved gradeability and travel speeds
  • Offers higher efficiency in the field, increased productivity, and reduced operating costs

Learn more about the Heavy-Duty Drivetrain for Rough-Terrain Cranes and Terminal Tractors

Dana's Spicer 246 heavy-duty steer axle and Spicer C3300 remote torque converter provide a complete drivetrain solution for rough terrain cranes.Dana's Spicer 246 heavy-duty steer axle and Spicer C3300 remote torque converter provide a complete drivetrain solution for rough terrain cranes.Dana Inc.

Fluid Power

Eaton SLV20 Load-Sensing Proportional Directional Valve

The Eaton SLV20 load-sensing proportional directional valve is designed to provide more flexibility and control than traditional cast iron control valves. According to the company, designing it in sections enables stacking of multiple functions which can greatly benefit system and overall machine designs. 

“Our new SLV20 valve is a compact, lightweight solution for low-flow applications compared to a traditional cast iron sectional mobile valve, which can be large and heavy,” said Tolu Oluwatudimu, EMEA product manager, screw-in cartridge valves, Eaton, in the company's press release announcing the introduction of the valves. “The valve can help original equipment manufacturers consolidate and reduce the size of main system circuits on mini and micro platforms. It’s also an ideal solution for upgrading from manual to electrohydraulic actuation.” 

Features of the valves include: 

  • Brings priority flow sharing to low-flow machinery with the versatility and serviceability of screw-in cartridge valves
  • Utilizes Eaton’s new ESV9 four-way three-position proportional solenoid cartridge valve in a hydraulic integrated circuit concept
  • Meter-out or meter-in control is achieved through logic elements, which enables flow sharing and flow prioritization in the same valve bank

Learn more about the SLV20 Load-Sensing Proportional Directional Valve

Eaton SLV20 load-sensing proportional directional valveEaton SLV20 load-sensing proportional directional valveEaton

Sun Hydraulics FLeX Series FREP Solenoid-Operated, 3-Way Proportional Flow Control Valve

The FREP is part of an expanding line of FLeX Series Valves, says Sun Hydraulics in its press release which announced the launch of the valve. It combines an electro-proportional adjustable orifice and pressure compensator into one valve, providing OEMs a more compact solution. 

Sun Hydraulics says the valve is suited for applications in which constant actuator speed needs to be maintained regardless of the load on the actuator. 

Features of the flow control valve include:

  • Can provide constant priority flow rate independent of load pressures
  • Provides excellent variable flow control when using a fixed-displacement pump
  • Delivers precise control to orbital motors on conveyors, spinners or fans for equipment like salt spreaders, agricultural spreaders and seeders

Learn more about the FLeX Series FREP Solenoid-Operated, 3-Way Proportional Flow Control Valve

Sun Hydraulics FLeX Series FREP valveSun Hydraulics FLeX Series FREP valveSun Hydraulics

Bosch Rexroth Pre-Compensated Valve Platform                 

Bosch Rexroth has designed its Pre-Compensated Valve Platform to be flexible and adaptable, making it easier for manufacturers to combine various hydraulic control valves into a single, integrated, multifunctional solution. This allows OEMs to customize it to their machine's specific performance requirements while also saving on installation space. 

The company says in its press release announcing the introduction of the platform that all the valves in it support pre-compensated load-sensing capabilities that ensure the proper hydraulic flow is delivered to each function, independent of the overall loads on the hydraulic systems.

Features of the valve platform include:

  • Modular control concept in which a single solution can mix multiple valves, scaled by flow and pressure requirements, and seamlessly combine basic valves with highly featured ones
  • Provides cost-effective “plug and play” valve platform that fits cleanly together, with minimal need for adapter plates or custom parts
  • Incorporates load-sensing capabilities that improve efficiency, freeing more hydraulic power to the implement while enabling better machine designs

Learn more about the Pre-Compensated Valve Platform 

Read the article "Pre-Compensated Valve Platforms Offer New Benefits in Mobile Machine Development" to learn more about the benefits this platform can provide OEM design teams.

Pre-Compensated Valve Platform aids system development for mobile equipment manufacturers.Pre-Compensated Valve Platform aids system development for mobile equipment manufacturers.Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth Hägglunds Atom Hydraulic Motor

The Bosch Rexroth Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor is the smallest in its range of Hägglunds motors. Capable of supplying more revolutions per minute and power than other motors its size, it can be utilized in a variety of mobile equipment and other heavy-duty applications. 

Features of the hydraulic motor include:

  • Maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and a specific torque of 40 Nm/bar
  • Supplies full torque at speeds up to 400 rpm
  • Maximum power of 394 kW (528.36 hp)
  • Compact and lightweight design

Learn more about the Hägglunds Atom hydraulic motor

Eaton X3 Medium-Duty Pump and Motor

Eaton's X3 medium-duty pump and motor portfolio features a two-speed cartridge motor paired with single or back-to-back pump configurations. “Eaton’s X3 pump and motor portfolio offers a compact package for mobile applications where space is at a premium,” said Brent Schenk, global product manager, Medium-Pressure Closed-Circuit Piston products, Hydraulics, Eaton. “Providing more flexibility and customization in designing mobile machines, OEMs can combine improved control and accuracy as part of an advanced propel solution.”

Features of the pump and motor include: 

  • Plug-in variable piston motor solution designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) improve machine control, productivity and system life
  • Offers a compact package for mobile applications where space is at a premium
  • Two-speed cartridge motor is available in 41 and 49 cc (0.041 and 0.049 L) displacements, providing more horsepower at the wheel while ensuring most mid-frame mobile propel needs
  • Built-in speed sensor port makes it easy to add a sensor to measure speed and direction

Learn more about the X3 Medium-Duty Pump and Motor

X3 Pump And Motor Family 60807bcf231b3Eaton


Equipmake HTM 3500 High Torque Electric Motor

The Equipmake HTM 3500 motor is designed specifically for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, offering the high torque and low motor speed to best suite these vehicles. As it fits directly onto the propshaft of large electric vehicles, there is no need to use a separate gearbox which can help simplify designs and reduce wear points for OEMs. 

This motor is available as a standalone unit or as part of Equipmake's EBus retrofit electric bus chassis. The retrofit chassis helps bus manufacturers quickly convert their vehicles to electric power. 

Features of the electric motor include: 

  • Direct drive design negates need for separate gearbox, allowing for more efficient packaging
  • Produces maximum torque of 3,500 Nm (2,581.5 lb.-ft.) at 1,000 rpm
  • Designed for multiple heavy-duty vehicle applications, including electric buses, heavy-duty on-road trucks and mining equipment, where high torque and start/stop duty cycles are required

Learn more about the HTM 3500 High Torque Electric Motor

The Equipmake HTM 3500 motor is designed specifically for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.The Equipmake HTM 3500 motor is designed specifically for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.Equipmake

Dana TM4 SUMO HP Electric Motors and Inverters

The HV1000 and HV2500 are part of the Dana TM4 SUMO HP family of electric motors and inverters which the company has designed specifically for battery-electric, range-extended and fuel-cell vehicles. They enable direct-drive, series-hybrid or parallel-hybrid applications, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to utilize them in the way that best suites their vehicle designs. 

"The demands of urban delivery trucks, city buses, long-haul trucks, and other high-power on- and off-highway vehicles require electrified solutions that meet their demanding duty cycles. A compelling combination of compact design and heavy-duty power, the TM4 SUMO HP series is precisely engineered to address the requirements of Class 6-8 commercial vehicles," said Seth Metzger, Senior Vice President of Electrification at Dana, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the motors and inverters.

Features of the motors and inverters include:  

  • Allows OEMs to replace internal combustion-based components without making major modifications
  • Offers up to 430 kW (576.6 hp) of continuous power and 540 kW (724.2 hp) of peak power
  • Peak torque value of 2,500 Nm (1,843.9 ft.-lb.)

Learn more about the SUMO HP Electric Motors and Inverters

SUMO HP Electric Motor and InverterSUMO HP Electric Motor and InverterDana TM4

BorgWarner HVH 320 800V Electric Motor for Commercial Vehicles

Featuring 800V capabilities, the HVH 320 is designed to power a range of hybrid and electric commercial vehicles. BorgWarner notes the electric motor is capable of delivering 97% peak efficiency over 400 kW (536.4 hp) of power.

“Using our 800V rated machine, customers can significantly reduce charging time and achieve a higher power density, enabling an even brighter future for electric trucks,” said Dr. Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, in BorgWarner's press release announcing the launch of the electric motor. 

Features of the electric motor include: 

  • Modular and flexible design platform meets customers’ varied requirements
  • Reaches torque output of up to 1,270 Nm (936.7 lb.-ft.)
  • Charges battery by generating power while braking or driving downhill

Learn more about the HVH 320 800V Electric Motor

BorgWarner HVH 320 electric motorBorgWarner HVH 320 electric motorBorgWarner

T/CCI Manufacturing Electric Compressors                 

T/CCI's range of high-voltage electric compressors are available in various power ratings to meet a range of heavy-duty vehicle and equipment designs. The 24V product, for instance, is primarily aimed at providing interior cab cooling while a vehicle's engine is off. 

“Our low voltage signals can handle both 12 and 24V within the same unit, allowing OEMs that have both European and North American applications to effortlessly maintain their development programs even when voltages vary by market,” said T/CCI President Richard Demirjian, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the compressors.

Features of the electric compressors include:

  • High-voltage electric designs spanning 15 cc/24V to 120 cc/850V and 2-30 kW (2.7-40.2 hp)
  • High-voltage 400-850V products are designed for vehicles propelled by an electric motor in full capacity
  • 120 cc/850V compressor provides battery cooling and A/C 

Learn more about the Electric Compressors

Appareo Gateway 370 Telematics Control Unit

Appareo's latest telematics control unit is a lightweight edge computing platform designed for use in mobile equipment. It features an Iridium short burst data (SBD) satellite transceiver for truly global communication capabilities, and a 433 MHz receiver for use with sensors and active RFID tags. 

Additional features of the telematics control unit include: 

  • Open and flexible platform supports standard programming languages and tools to allow quick and easy development of customer's own applications
  • Embedded Linux (Yocto) with Docker support provides convenient development environment for C++, C#, or other common development languages
  • Global LTE CAT 4 cellular radio with 3G/2G fallback and eSIM
  • Dual core processor 
  • Wi-Fi,  Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces

Learn more about the Gateway 370 Telematics Control Unit

Gateway370 Img6488 60075df5aed27Appareo

Operator Cab

Curtis Industries All-Steel Cab for New Holland Workmaster 25S Sub-Compact Tractor

An all-steel construction for the Curtis Industries cab helps to ensure a durable enclosure for New Holland Workmaster tractors. The ability to open the windshield and inclusion of a cab heater help to optimize comfort for operators, as well. 

Several accessories are also available for the cab, such as roof mounted LED strobe lights. 

Features of the cab include: 

  • Frame, doors and roof are constructed of corrosion-resistant powder-coat commercial-grade steel for durability and long life
  • Lockable doors have full perimeter rubber seal for outstanding weather protection
  • Steel roof overhangs both the doors and windshield for added protection from water intrusion 

Learn more about the All-Steel Cab for New Holland Workmaster 25S Sub-Compact Tractor

All-Steel Cab for New Holland Workmaster 25S Sub-Compact TractorAll-Steel Cab for New Holland Workmaster 25S Sub-Compact TractorCurtis Industries LLC

Sure Grip Controls JSC CAN Series Joystick

Sure Grip Controls, a subsidiary of Bailey Hydraulics, designed its JSC CAN Series Joystick for rugged off-road equipment applications. Its IP69K and IP67 sealing ensure durability; testing has shown the joysticks to be durable to more than 5 million cycles or 20 million operations. 

"This dual axis Hall effect joystick operates with all our current handles and increases our ability to support higher volume applications,” said Mark Vandersluis, Product Manager of Sure Grip Controls, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the joystick.

Features of the joystick include: 

  • Dual axis joystick
  • Offers minimum below-panel depth
  • Integrated connector

Learn more about the JSC CAN Series Joystick

JSC CAN Series JoysticksJSC CAN Series JoysticksSure Grip

EAO Series 09 LIN Bus Switch Panel and Universal Switches

Addition of Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Bus devices to EAO's Series 09 range provides a lower cost option to CANbus-based technologies. The company says in its press release announcing the launch of its new product line that it was specially developed for demanding vehicle control applications. 

“Our new LIN Bus Switch Panel is a convenient and speedy way to commission in-cab control of driver/operator comfort features such as in-cab ventilation, air conditioning and seat heating but also of important security functions such as Reset, Lock & Unlock in numerous off- and on-road vehicles,” said Robert Davies, EAO’s UK Marketing Manager, in the company's press release.

Features of the switch panel and switches include: 

  • Nine-switch sub assembly is quickly and easily connected up before being clipped or screwed into position
  • Configurable switch assignment allows range of back-illuminated standard ISO 7000 or custom symbols to be configured to meet individual vehicle requirements
  • Switch Panels can also be ordered with optional red status indicators

Learn more about the Series 09 LIN Bus Switch Panel and Universal Switches

Series 09 LIN Bus Switch Panel and Universal SwitchesSeries 09 LIN Bus Switch Panel and Universal SwitchesEAO

OTTO K1S ON-ON-ON Triple Throw Rocker Switch

OTTO's K1S claims to be the smallest ON-ON-ON triple throw rocker switch in the industry, helping to save on space in smaller environments. It features a short behind-panel design and sealed, logic lever. The switch is available in both single and double pole configurations. 

Features of the rocker switch include: 

  • offering 1M cycle life in a snap-in package 
  • Well suited for use as a Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR) switch
  • Double pole version offers redundancy for each switch state providing increased safety
  • Termination options include a Molex connector or wire leads

Learn more about the K1S ON-ON-ON Triple Throw Rocker Switch

K1 S Group With Large Yellow Fnr 5fd7d858d7bf6OTTO Engineering Inc.

Grote Industries Disinfecting Light for Bus HVAC Systems

Grote has expanded beyond the lighting products it is typically known for to develop a disinfecting light to help keep bus interiors clean and safe for passengers and drivers. The UV-C disinfecting light is easy to install into an HVAC system's evaporator compartment and safely destroys microorganisms which pass through the evaporator. 

The company notes in its press release announcing the launch of the disinfecting light that its years of experience developing durable lighting products for heavy-duty applications enabled it to create a new product capable of resisting vibration and moisture commonly found in bus HVAC systems.

Features of the disinfecting light include:

  • Utilizes latest generation of highly efficient and reliable LEDs
  • Provides a simpler and easier solution compared to mercury-vapor lamps
  • Delivers 99.987% bacterial reduction and 99.98% viral reduction after just 30 seconds of exposure

Learn more about the Disinfecting Light for Bus HVAC Systems

Disinfecting Light for Bus HVAC SystemsDisinfecting Light for Bus HVAC SystemsGrote Industries

Engineering & Manufacturing

Siemens Simcenter 3D 2021

Siemens Digital Industries Software's Simcenter 3D software is part of its Simcenter portfolio of simulation and test products. Simcenter 3D provides a shared engineering platform for simulation; the latest version includes enhancements to the AI-driven user experience as well as new simulation types.

According to the company's press release announcing availability of the new simulation solution, its Simcenter Multimech tool can help engineers see where cracks are developing in their designs and how it could change materials, and thus the final structure. 

Features of the simulation software include: 

  • Includes full representative volume element (RVE) separation and 2D and 3D automatic insertion of cracks or cohesive zones in materials
  • Auralization post-processing tool allows users to listen to simulated pressure results to evaluate sound quality
  • Acoustics engineers can hear the noise produced from various vibrating components or products as opposed to having to visually evaluate through charts or graphs

Learn more about Simcenter 3D 2021

Siemens has released the latest version of its Simcenter 3D software.Siemens has released the latest version of its Simcenter 3D software.Siemens Digital Industries Software

dSPACE MicroAutoBox III AC Motor Control Solution

The dSPACE AC Motor Control Solution is designed to help engineers with the development of converters and electric drives. A library of I/O functions representing driver functions are included which can be graphically linked to controllers via drag and drop functionality, making it an easy-to-use tool for design teams.

According to dSPACE, typical applications for this tool include development of drive controls and mechatronic components such as steering systems. 

Features of the motor control solution include: 

  • Protocol-based encoders are supported
  • Application examples include highly automated industrial plants or harvesting machines, in which low-cost electric motors are increasingly replacing complex and rigidly coupled mechanical drives
  • I/O functions are based on dSPACE libraries developed for direct FPGA programming, ensuring seamless switching between AC Motor Control Solution and implementation directly on FPGA

Learn more about the MicroAutoBox III AC Motor Control Solution

MicroAutoBox III AC Motor Control SolutionMicroAutoBox III AC Motor Control SolutiondSPACE

Vertex 3D Visualization Platform

Vertex Software has received a U.S. Patent for its Vertex 3D Visualization Platform which enables 3D object visualization and manipulation across multiple devices. The platform is a cloud-native digital twin platform that makes it easy to build and deploy low-code Industry 4.0 applications.

Features of the platform include:

  • Enables 3D-powered digital twins and interactive visualization of 3D models at scale
  • Remote 3D rendering is based upon the subdivision of 3D models, spatial indexing of geometric primitives, and a scalable fan-out/fan-in architectural computing pattern
  • Runs on CPUs, making it a more cost-effective approach for remote 3D rendering 
  • Renders 100% of the 3D data in the cloud, securely delivering fully interactive digital twin experiences to any device, anywhere instantly

Learn more about the 3D Visualization Platform

Vertex Generic 60b130ae50bb9Vertex Software

Siemens Digital Industries Software Teamcenter Quality Software

The Teamcenter Quality software is a new suite of solutions for quality management from Siemens Digital Industries Software. It can be used by a range of departments, from design to manufacturing, ensuring quality control throughout the product development process. 

“Teamcenter Quality provides a digital thread throughout the design and production phases, creating aligned workflows between quality, manufacturing and engineering teams to help improve collaboration and reduce the need for coordination,” said Dr. Raffaello Lepratti, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Manufacturing Operations Management at Siemens Digital Industries Software, in the company's press release announcing the launch of the software. “Creating this single source of truth for product, process and quality data can help ensure each step of the process is synchronized and compliant, while also offering traceability and a high level of transparency within the process.”

Features of the software include: 

  • Enables common approach to be established to manage product information and improve collaboration across a company's enterprise
  • Helps keep product development, quality planning and continuous improvement processes in synchronization
  • Allows engineers to set quality requirements early in design process and establish parameters required to help ensure the product realized during production phase will meet necessary quality standards

Learn more about Teamcenter Quality Software

Teamcenter Quality provides a way to manage product quality throughout the development process.Teamcenter Quality provides a way to manage product quality throughout the development process.Siemens Digital Industries Software

EAO Emergency Stop Switch Configurator

EAO's Emergency Stop Switch Configurator provides design teams with an interactive virtual 3D tool which enables them to configure products to meet specific customer requirements. The configurator makes it easier for designers to select the appropriate options from the many products available in EAO's line of emergency stop switches. 

The system only suggests compatible components, further easy the design and selection process for engineers. 

Features of the configurator include: 

  • Built using extensive user experience research
  • Provides useful visualization features such as real-time photorealistic 3D renderings of components and product configurations
  • Designers can immediately view precise simulations of different material characteristics that affect surface texture or light reflections

Learn more about the Emergency Stop Switch Configurator

Emergency Stop Switch ConfiguratorEmergency Stop Switch ConfiguratorEAO